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No, The only similarities between crystals and gemstones are that they are Beautiful Natural Earth minerals otherwise Gemstones are rare minerals which are primarily used in jewelry and decoration pieces, Crystals can be used in various applications such as healing, jewelry, vases, scientific purposes, etc. 

A gem can be a crystal, while a crystal cannot be called as a gem.

No, Both are different.

Tarot cards have a traditional structure and common meanings, whereas Oracle cards can have any content and any number of cards. Oracle cards hold a bigger energy and give an insight into a greater sense of what is going on. Tarot cards are a bit more detailed.

We only provide 100% genuine crystals

Tarot provides help by providing clarity to the elements of your situation that you cannot see. If the picture is incomplete, you cannot possibly begin to form an accurate assessment of what is happening in your life, and more importantly, you cannot make an informed decision about how to take things forward.

Clarity comes through being shown the motives of others (and yourself), their intentions (and yours). Tarot pulls back the veil and reveals what is affecting your life. The beauty of tarot is not just how it can show the who, what, where and when, but also the why. A misconception can exist that a tarot reading is either predictive or psychological, but the reality is can do both, and when it does, a fuller picture can be seen in the cards before you.

No, not at all. It’s divine in that it is supernatural and your interpretation of what is good or bad, spiritually speaking, will be derived from your religious experience or influences. Or lack therof. But Tarot practices are completely normal and non-evil

There are various types of Tarot/oracle decks which you can see while booking the service.

From males to females, be it for fashion or spirituality or attaining goals or gaining self-confidence with 1000s of other benefits, anyone can use crystals, even if youre having a good time in life or a bad time, you can still wear a crystal.

Crystals are not expensive rather the form in which you want to use them decides whether they are expensive or not, for example, a piece of tumble can be cheap, but a crystal ring may cost more than a tumble of crystal, so it completely depends on the form of crystal

Tarot subscriptions are Weekly/Monthly Tarot sessions which you pre book for a set period.

We currently do not offer such subscriptions, but we will offer them soon.

Queries related to store and services!

We have a wide range of products and services like Tarot readings, Crystal products, bath salts and maybe more in future. To know more check out our Store.

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They are provided by Ankita Tibrewal, who is a certified tarot reader, providing a detailed guidance on the avenues you want to know about.

Yes, we make customized crystal products, to know more check out our Store 

There are various types of Tarot/oracle decks which you can see while booking the service.

We accept pre-payments or online payments only as of now COD is not available.

Tarot or Oracle card sessions are taken via voice note, phone call, or video call for different tariffs and for different days, You can check and book an appointment accordingly

To place an order follow the following steps

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