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Mysticc_Auraa was created to share a sense of “feeling good while looking good” both internally & externally with our comprehensive items in crystals, Tarot reading, Bath salts & a lot more that’s coming up in line. It will be an endless source of entitlement, fulfilment, satisfaction, self-worth, peace & many more to customers, especially the Crystals which are pseudoscientific methods of healing and energy sources that have already bought about positive changes in the lives of many. Not just that, it is also a fashionable item that goes with your daily wears and exquisite occasional wears.

With our Tarot/oracle reading services we want to guide the community better, instill a sense of positivity around everyone, make every soul a happy one and free them from the burden of stress, overthinking, anxiety, and other Various factors.

All in all, Mysticc_Auraa is a mantra to feel the magic within, to spread positivity, look stunning, and become our best selves.

From the Founder's Desk

Our Founder, Ankita Tibrewal, 22, an avid crystal enthusiast, a Certified Tarot Reader, a devoted fashion follower, the first female businesswoman of her family, is a blend of visionary and execution.

Vision and Mission

It is her vision that gave birth to @mysticc_auraa with a motto to create a positive happy environment for everyone who comes in contact with her in the limited lifetime. Her aim is to share share common experiences of feeling your best and looking your best at the same time with @mysticc_auraa for all, men or women, rich or poor, happy or sad, anyone can be a part of this journey.

Ankita Tibrewal


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